Puppies starting to play

Puppies still available and starting to play. You can see video on our Facebook page. Contact us to reserve your puppy today. FaceTime available.

Puppies are growing well

All of Lily’s puppies are healthy and growing well. Puppies from this litter will all be priced at $1250.00. Contact us to reserve yours today.

They’re Here

Lily had her 1st litter. 6 beautiful brindle colored babies. 5 girls, 1 boy. Healthy mom and babies. I’ll post some pics next week. Feel free to contact us if you want any additional information.

Lily’s puppies

Looks like Lily will be having 6 puppies according to the X-ray today. She is still 10-14 days from delivery so calcification wasn’t 100%, but we were able to count skulls. Pups should be born about 6/21/21. The wait continues

Good news/bad news

Bad news 1st. Bella was pregnant, but only had 1-2 puppies on ultrasound. Something happened and she is not progressing and now does not show pregnant. Sad, but it happens, especially with 1st litters. Good news, Lilly is very pregnant and should deliver around June 20, 2021. We are taking her for an X-ray on Thursday and should have a puppy count. More to come.

Ultrasound pics

We definitely have puppies on the way. Well defined puppies and sacs visible on ultrasound. We are taking both females going in in the next week or so and should confirm pregnancy and numbers of puppies. The wait continues.

Hello to all who are visiting. If you are searching and wonder, the puppy photos we have are stock photos. We will be changing them out as soon as we have our own puppies. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at any time.