Adelle and Toby have their 2nd litter. A wonderful litter of 8.

if you were looking for Aussiedoodles or Bordoodles, don’t worry, we have Angel, Shay and Merrel who will all deliver in the next month. It will be the 1st time we have 4 litters at once. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Stay tuned.

2 Aussiedoodles sold/Cockapoos coming

Prancer and Dancer found their forever families today. If you are wanting an Aussiedoodle, we still have 3 great puppies to choose from.
Adelle is delivering our 1st litter of Cockapoos. More to come on this.

Puppies growing

Angels puppies are growing, have eyes open and are becoming mobile. Their personalities are starting to become evident. Love getting to know these babies. Adele is showing and getting closer. Shay is herself and we will ultrasound this weekend.


We are going to have them this winter. Angels’ 9 beautiful Aussiedoodle puppies were born last week. Adelle will deliver our 1st litter of Cockapoos right around New Years. Shay will deliver Bordoodles mid January. This will be the 1st time we have 3 litters of puppies at the same time. It’s exciting, but it’s going to be a busy winter here on the farm.